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The Muzik Connect app is your key to unlock your Muzik One. Control your listening experience, connect to Spotify, and make phone calls. Get the news. Choose from any of our list of commands, all by touching the Hot Keys on your headphone. The Muzik Connect app pairs exclusively with your Muzik One headphones

SYNC: Sync your smartphone or tablet with your headphones over Bluetooth to connect the app.

DISCOVER: Explore all your headphones’ features like swipe gestures to control volume and tracks, touch controls to play/pause and change tracks, connect with Siri, and much more.

CUSTOMIZE: Program your Hot Keys to perform special commands. Hear the current track and artist name, hear the time, make a call, share your music, share your Moment, just to name a few options.

EXPAND: Get ongoing software updates and the latest news, including new companion apps.

SETTINGS: Track your battery level, turn off swipe gestures, and name your headphones.

We’re adding new features with every release. Send us suggestions any time at

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