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NEXT is the best way to collaborate, connect, and discover independent music artists. Rather it is nearby or worldwide, we got you covered! Find your next band, recording artist, performer, photographer, video photographer, graphic designer, or any other artists.

Discover. Create. Collaborate. Connect. NEXT helps you find the right artist for your next project!

KEY Features:
– Create a beautifully designed profile with a few photos and a link to your music
– Promote your brand and keep track of your connections
– Discover our best artists and musicians on the featured page
– Collaborate with artists by swiping NEXT
– Swipe right on artists you like, if both artists swipe right on each other a new connection will be made and you are now able to message each other
– NEXT users have the ability to change their current location and begin collaborating and/or finding music in other areas
– In-app text & picture messaging keeps collaborations safe and secure
– Share content to all your social networks with just a click
– Find a constant stream of new music artists worldwide on the “new” tab
– and more!

Become a Featured user and receive 100x the Profile Views, COMING SOON!

NEXT is now your premium platform to connect with artists!

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By nawaf algain

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