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APPLE : ITUNE MUSIC APP : Pranoy Chowdhury – Tubextreme Video Music Player

Access subscription channel videos by swiping from left screen, change video playback speed, picture in picture support for iPad and more!
We are the best & most powerful video client for your iPhone. Try it for FREE and you will love it.
• You can see all your subscribed channel list by swiping from left
• Double tap the next or previous button to seek +/- 10 seconds.
• The app displayes a thin volume change HUD at the top of screen instead of the HUGE annoying one in the middle of the screen
• Optimized for the new iOS 11 and latest iPhone. Force touch gesture to access shortcuts from home screen
• Optimized for iPad Picture in Picture (Play from home screen) Split View, Multitasking. Watch videos while using other apps!
• Search and Play YouTube Videos without login
• OR Access your YouTube account. Everything in the app is synced with your YouTube account so you can access all your playlists and likes from your computer too! We encourage logging in as that removes user limitations on YouTube API Quotas.
• Change playback speed to play video in slow motion (watching game replays) or fast motion (watching reviews of products)
• Video can be played in a small player in the corner while you are browsing videos. The mini player can be moved around the screen. Swiping it off the left edge of the screen closes the mini player and video.
• Search for millions of videos or playlists available in YouTube. You can narrow down your search filters by views, time, likes and more!
• Search autocomplete & history makes it easier to search for videos and playlists
• Easily access all the new videos from your Subscriptions.
• Just swipe to view all your subscribed channels in side menu
• Access Trending, Top Charts, multiple Genres (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Trailers etc), History easily.
• Add videos to watch later list
• UNLIMITED Playlists for all your music needs!
• Advanced Queue management which videos can be added, removed and reordered from. You can even Repeat, Shuffle your queue!
• Easily Like, Comment, Reply to Comments, Share videos with others
• Watching videos in bed? No Problem! We even have a fully customizable sleep timer which automatically stops the playback after the set time! We have you covered 😉
• Clean and Gorgeous UI makes it easier to find what you are searching for in as few taps as possible

Our mission is to provide access to your favorite video content as easily as possible and as few taps as possible!

We would love your feedback, please send them to:
and we will get back to you! Thank you!

We are powered by YouTube API and we respect their Terms of Service. We DO NOT provide any download functionality whatsoever in the app as that’s against their TOS and illegal.
YouTube trademark and logo are registered trademarks of Google, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

By Pranoy Chowdhury

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