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APPLE : ITUNE MUSIC APP : Speazie Inc. – Speazie – Record Raps & Videos

Speazie is a free music recording studio and collaboration platform available for your iPhone and iPad. Producers can upload and share beats, while singers and rappers can record and mix their vocals on top to create a complete track or video.

Every week Speazie will feature hundreds of new beats, tracks, and videos, made on mobile, sounding professional and built by people re-discovering the power of music to bring talent together.


– Make music on the go – with the mobile app you can record music whenever you feel inspired

– Collaborate: make music with your friends and with other aspiring or established artists, and interact with the newest and most innovative community of musicians

– Edit your vocal tracks using our built-in presets and give your tracks a professional studio sound

– IT’S FREE – No expensive audio equipment, music software or recording studios needed – it’s all available in the app

– Speazie helps you gain followers on all your social platforms. Link all your other social accounts to your profile so users can find you everywhere! You can also share your beats, tracks, and videos to your social accounts right from Speazie


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Twitter: @speazie
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By Speazie Inc.

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