APPLE : ITUNE MUSIC APP : Wu Jiajia – Cloud Music Player -Play Offline & Background

Best offline music player for Dropbox and Google Drive, the long-awaited offline feature has finally come true.

The app is totally free and without any charge.
* Cache: Cache any music in your Dropbox and Google Drive;
* Offline: Enjoy music anytime and anywhere, workout or travelling, music is always your company;
* Background playing: Continue playing despite the lock screen or multitasking on your device;
* Online Streaming: Online playing can save the storage;
* Sleep Timer: Sleep with music accompanied;
* Smart Shuffle & Loop: Random always brings you freshness;
* Cloud Storage: Dropbox and Google Drive are supported.

Cloud Music Player is the best mate for you to step out of your mind and into the music.

By Wu Jiajia

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