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BartPro is different! Give it a try right now, and find out why people LOVE BartPro. All of those other apps give you the same couple departure times, maybe a map, and that’s it. BartPro uses the power of the cloud to keep track of the locations of ALL trains, so it can literally do things no other app can. Like minutes-and-seconds real time routes, with departure and ARRIVAL times. Automated, recurring reminders for the train that will get you home on time. And much, much more.

BartPro is FAST. Less than 2 seconds from launch to information. Launch is fast, update is fast, understanding the information is fast. You’re a Bart Pro, you don’t need all of the extra crap that bloats the other Bart/travel apps. You know where you’re going right? Do you need photos of the station? You see it every day. Do you need walking directions to the station? You’ve walked it a few times before. Need to know how much your trip will cost? You use Clipper, and you know the fares anyway. This app is for Pros – you just want to know what’s happening with the unpredictable part of your trip home: the trains. BartPro has those covered.

Yes, other apps will tell you the arrival time of the next few trains at the station you’re LEAVING from. But BartPro tells you what you really want to know – what time will you GET TO YOUR DESTINATION. With down-to-the-second precision, and none of the uncertainty of the Bart website or those other apps. One point of warning – it takes a few days to get used to accurate timing. You’re probably used to the fact that “2 minutes” likely means that your train is already sitting in the station. With BartPro, 2 minutes means 2 minutes.

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With BartPro, you get:
– Time to ARRIVAL at your destination. Even if your route has a transfer station – BartPro will accurately predict which transfer train you will catch, and give you the time you will arrive at your final destination, instantly.
– Second-level precision. No more guessing whether “2 minutes” means “now” or “in a bit”. You get times like 1m 32s, so you know how long you have.
– Train Reminders – BartPro will let you know when you need to leave to catch your train. And not just the train that SHOULD get you home on time, the one that WILL get you there, based on actual train locations and congestion. Just decide what time you want to get home (or leave), how long you need to get to the departure station, and let BartPro do the rest. You can also set a recurring reminder that automatically does this every day, or on certain days of the week.
– Extremely fast startup – BartPro typically takes 1-2 seconds from launching the app to seeing live departure and arrival times, for ALL of your favorite routes.
– Always fresh – no need to hit any refresh buttons or wait for the page to reload. BartPro takes care of making sure estimates are as up to date as possible.
– A fast answer to the question “do I need to run for my train?”
– Departure and arrival times for EACH of the upcoming trains. Why rush for the next crowded train, when you know that the following train will get you there at exactly the same time?
– Accurate transfer time estimates. Will you need to run for that connecting train, or will you have plenty of time? BartPro will let you know.

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One problem BartPro can’t solve: people who wander slowly up the stairs looking at their phone. Or people who cut in line waiting for the train. Or people who loudly play their music on the train. Rest assured, we’re working on it.

Purchase the “BartPro-Pro” in-app purchase to unlock these features:
– No advertisements
– Store up to 30 favorite routes
– Access to unlimited Train Reminders
– You feel good when you wake up in the morning (ok, we’re working on that too)

By Mason Freed

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