APPLE : ITUNE REFERENCE APP : Mullen & Pohland GbR – All Birds Northern Brazil – a field guide to all the bird species recorded in this region of South America

*** This app is the mobile field guide from the Bloomsbury’s Helm Field Guide “Birds of Northern South America” including all birds of Northern Brazil occuring North of the Amazon river. Covering 1,074 species with 2,860 superb illustrations and 2,100 songs and calls. For this region it is clearly the best mobile guide on the market. All distinct plumages including all variations and subspecies are illustrated. ***

The app is based on the renowned two volume reference work by Robin Restall, Clemencia Rodner, and Miguel Lentino. The creation of apps from the book is a co-production between Bloomsbury Plc and Sunbird Images.

With over half a million downloads and over 100 apps published to date Sunbird Images became the true market leader in mobile field guides in recent years.

SUNBIRD apps have been featured over 300 times by Apple in different countries, and appeared in many magazines, newspapers such as the Times, the Telegraph and described as “incredibly useful” by ITV’s Seth Convey and “lovely” by Adam Vaughan of the Guardian.

This app is part of the Sunbird Images BLUE LABEL series. Our BLUE LABEL series are top notch digital field guides which provide the most comprehensive data available for a region or taxon. They stand for completeness including even the very rare species and vagrants which have only been recorded once in a region. Even the rare species are illustrated and described in detail featured with a full species account.

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– Includes all 1,074 Brazilian bird species occuring North of the Amazon river
– 2,860 illustrations show all subspecies + geographic, age and sex variants
– Most advanced Compare Mode of any bird app – compare up to 16 species images / songs / maps
– 2,100 bird songs and calls
– Sonograms of all songs + details where songs were recorded
– Detailed distribution maps of Northern South America down to subspecies level
– Create sighting lists and sort by place, date, group, and name
– Automatically plots all birds on a map via GPS (editable)
– Make notes for each bird spotted
– A simple id key makes species identification easy
– Sort and display species: A–Z, 6 different languages, taxonomic

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The Brazilian Amazon region is a prime birding spot. The Amazonian lowland rainforest is one the worlds major biodiversity hotspots with an unforgetable experience for birding.

Choose between 7 bird name languages:
English, Latin, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese

Narrow species down by foot colour, bill shape, tail length etc. leading to the bird searched for plus a choice of similar species. You can also look for fragments of a species name – the search for “finch“ shows all the species which include the word “finch“ in the species’ name.

***A graphically well-designed layout – easy to use with large lettering.***

Once downloaded no internet connection needed – just download the app and start birding! The app will be continuously developed further. All updates are free of charge.

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By Mullen & Pohland GbR

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