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APPLE : ITUNE REFERENCE APP : Wave Study Bible, Inc. – WAVE Parallel Bible

WAVE Parallel Bible is a simple and intuitive Bible reader. Swipe to switch between English translations and the original languages. Tap a Greek word to display its meaning, parsing, and how to draw each of its letters. WAVE is all about making it easy for the average person to read and understand the Bible.

We include the following excellent Bible versions in the software because we secured no-charge licenses from their publishers.

Bible Versions that are Included
– GNT: Greek New Testament (free)
– KJV: King James Version (free)
– NET: New English Translation (free)
– GW: GOD’S WORD Translation (free)

We make the following excellent Bible versions available as in-app purchases since a complete copy of each text is downloaded to your device so you can use them without an Internet connection.

Bible Version in-app Purchases
– NASB: New American Standard Bible
– NKJV: New King James Version
– ESV: English Standard Version
– NIV: New International Version
– NIrV: New International Readers Version
– NLT: New Living Translation
– MSG: The Message
– HEB: Hebrew Old Testament

WAVELinks to the Greek/Hebrew are also available as in-app purchases for the following books:
– Daniel WAVELinks to the Hebrew/Aramaic ($0.99)
– Romans WAVELinks to the Greek ($0.99)
– Galatians WAVELinks to the Greek ($0.99)
– Ephesians WAVELinks to the Greek ($0.99)
– Philippians WAVELinks to the Greek ($0.99)
– Colossians WAVELinks to the Greek ($0.99)
– 1 John WAVELinks to the Greek ($0.99)
– 2 John WAVELinks to the Greek ($0.99)
– 3 John WAVELinks to the Greek ($0.99)

In addition, we offer the following Mini-books:
– Flicker (FLCR) Bible Study: Introduction (FREE)
– Flicker (FLCR) Bible Study: WAVE101 (FREE)
– Flicker (FLCR) Bible Study: WAVE102 (FREE)
– 20 Favorite Verses to Flicker (FLCR) #1 ($0.99)
– 8 Longer Passages on Jesus to Flicker (FLCR) #1 ($0.99)
– The Bible on Prayer ($0.99)
– WAVE Favorite Verses (FREE)
– Guide to the Manuscripts Panel ($0.99)
– Greek Alphabet (FREE)
– Hebrew Alphabet (FREE)

WAVE Parallel Bible stores all Bible versions and Mini-books on the phone/pad so performance is snappy and reading does not require an Internet connection.

By Wave Study Bible, Inc.

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