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APPLE : ITUNE SHOPPING APP : Play With Games Ltd – 4×4 Offroad: Dark Night Racing

Begin your adventure in the wilds today! This new and exciting offroad driving game lets you prove yourself in the rough terrain, driving and completing multiple different tasks!

▶ MAP AND COMPASS NAVIGATION – find your own way around
▶ CROSS RIVERS AND DEEP MUD – fight challenging, rough terrain
▶ VARIED OFFROAD CARS SELECTION – pick you favourites!
▶ HIGH-FIDELITY GRAPHICS – special effects and lighting system
▶ OBJECTIVE-BASED GAMEPLAY – drive & complete missions

This original offroad game was designed with excitement and adventure in mind. Forget about simple, one-way tracks that limit your inventiveness and imagination. Here the way you achieve your goal is not important – as long as you do it quickly and efficiently.

Check your surroundings, use the tools available to you and start exploring! Find the next navigation point you have to reach or a specific place you have to investigate and try to reach it as fast as possible.

The extreme terrain conditions will not make it easy for you. In addition to finding safe passes on and offroad you will have to cross rivers, deep mud and more. Don’t let any of the obstacles stop you from finishing the job!

After the task is done you will be awarded in-game currency for your progress. You can use it to unlock new cars and additional challenges that come with them.

By Play With Games Ltd

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