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Are you a fan for Apple and its products? Are you eager to know the latest news for them? The app provides these for you.

The location-based app brings you headlines, video and news stories from local and regional perspectives as well as around the world on Apple and its products. It delivers the latest breaking news and information on the latest Apple corporation and its products and services.

You can add any keywords on Apple and its products topic or any topic in the world. The app finds content and summaries it for you.

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The app makes reading news more fun: easy to use, easy to scan, clear and concise.

Features include:
* Offline news reading
Pull down and release to refresh and save clean news article for OFFLINE news reading.
* Better readability
Provide a clean, text-optimized reading experience
* Comprehensive up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from sources all over the world
* Search for latest news based on location and any keywords easily.
* Display up-to-date news brief on various Apple products.
* Customize your local and favorite news using keywords.
* Share news via Facebook, Twitter and Email
* Save news for reading it later. And save your favorite news sites after news reading.
* Attribute each news item to its provider, and include a link to related articles for each news item.

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By Yardea Incorporated

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