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「RTHK On The Go」由香港電台新媒體拓展組製作,不單提供最新中、英文即時新聞,更有電台直播及Podcasts,加上精彩推介,助你輕鬆遊走於港台網頁及手機程式的世界!

「RTHK On The Go」的主要特點:
1) 精彩推介 – 貼心推介,緊貼港台精彩節目及活動。
2) 即時新聞 – 提供最新新聞資訊(文字及圖片),助你即時得知世界大事。連繫「RTHK News」更可取得多媒體即時新聞及節目。
3) 電台直播 – 提供香港電台第一台、第二台、第三台、第四台、第五台、第六台及普通話台電台直播,更可連繫「RTHK Mine」,欣賞獨家短片及重溫電台節目,走進「個人香港電台」的世界。
4) Podcasts – 港台Podcasts節目在此一覽無遺,任君下載隨時欣賞。
5) RTHK Everywhere – 詳列香港電台的社交媒體帳號,跟你保持緊密接觸。
6) 分享內容 – 你可以透過社交媒體分享新聞及Podcasts的內容。


用戶若直接由舊版(1.x)升級到新版(2.0或以上),舊版的 podcast下載紀錄不會被保留,用戶可在新版或香港電台網站的Podcasts 網頁重新下載。不便之處,敬請見諒。

RTHK On The Go 的「Podcasts」是為方便用戶收聽/收看香港電台最新 podcast節目。如用戶希望收聽/收看所有集數,及充份利用 podcasting的優點(例如訂閱、自動更新、即時下載最新內容等等),請使用第三方的 RSS 閱讀器/流動應用程式(例如:Feedly、Podcast Addict、iOS App Store的 Podcasts),網頁瀏覽器如 Firefox 亦有訂閱 RSS的功能,不單更易管理大量 podcasts節目內容,更可隨時將內容備份或轉送到其他個人流動多媒體裝置,避免因更換手機或重裝程式而失去已下載的節目內容。


“RTHK On The Go” is developed by New Media Unit of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). This app is providing Radio Live, Instant News and Podcasts all rolled into one! Enjoy handpicked RTHK fascinating programmes and activities on our website and mobile apps.

“RTHK On The Go” key features:
1) Recommend – enjoy handpicked RTHK fascinating programmes and activities on our website and mobile apps.
2) Latest News – put your finger on the pulse of what’s happening around the world by RTHK latest news (text and photo). Connect to “RTHK News” for our multimedia news contents.
3) Radio Live – provides RTHK Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, Radio 5, Radio 6 and Putonghua Channel radio live. In this section, you could swap to “RTHK Mine” and enjoy exclusive videos and radio archives anytime!
4) Podcasts – provides a vast collection of audio and video podcasts for offline listening and viewing. Download and enjoy your favourite episodes anywhere!
5) RTHK Everywhere – RTHK would like to keep in touch with you on different social networks.
6) Sharing capable – you can share news articles or Podcasts contents via social networks.

*Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) services provided by RTHK had been terminated with effect from 12 midnight of 3 September 2017. Thank you for your continuous support.

Gentle Reminder:
Please note that the downloaded podcasts record would be cleared after updating the “RTHK On The Go” from old version to 2.0 or above. Users may download the available podcasts from the updated app or RTHK Podcast page. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The “Podcasts” session of “RTHK On The Go” aims at providing the latest limited episodes of RTHK podcasts for users. For those who want to enjoy all (or more) episodes of podcasts, or make use of the key features of podcasts (subscription, auto-update of latest content, etc), please use 3rd-party RSS reader software / apps (such as Feedly, Podcast Addict, Podcast from iOS App Store), or “Live Bookmark” feature of Mozilla Firefox. These tools can help you manage / backup your podcast subscriptions and play the downloaded episodes. You can also transfer the downloaded media files to other mobile devices for playback or backup purpose.

For any requests regarding this application, please contact

By Radio Television Hong Kong

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