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Create fair yet competitive lineups fast with the App that thinks like a coach.

PLAY BALL LINEUP is a revolutionary youth baseball and softball lineup-making App. With PLAY BALL LINEUP, the App actually creates the lineup based on the strategy provided by the coach; thereby saving the coach from the time-consuming responsibility of creating an equitable yet competitive lineup game after game after game. And, if you don’t agree with the lineup the App created, you can tweak it to get it just right.

PLAY BALL LINEUP has two strategy modes a coach can use to create a lineup: Instructional Play and Competitive Play. Each strategy mode contains easy to use settings and inputs designed to completely customize a fair yet competitive lineup for game day success. Whether you need to create a lineup where everyone is encouraged to play everywhere, or where you’re playing to win and every player has a spot, PLAY BALL LINEUP puts your players and team in the best position to play safe, have fun and succeed on game day.

PLAY BALL LINEUP is also ideal for men’s and women’s baseball and softball leagues.

PLAY BALL LINEUP is a universal App that has been designed for iOS 8 for use on your iPhone and iPad.


•Create new lineups from scratch or modify an existing lineup to save time.
•Add, save and delete lineups and teams.
•List up to 15 players per team.
•Create lineups from 3 to 7 innings.
•Create lineups with up to 12 positions.
•Apply various ‘Local Rules’ (i.e. All players should play at least 2 innings in infield).
•Apply Fielder Skill Level ratings to your players.
•Choose from two strategy modes: Instructional Play and Competitive Play
•Tell the app what players are playing in the game.
•Choose the number of innings you want each player to play and the positions you want each player to play.
•Specify the innings you want your pitchers to pitch and your catchers to catch.
•Ability to let the App choose the positions for you instead.
•Choose up to 5 key positions and the innings to dictate the strength of defense during the game.
•Ability to tweak the lineup or shuffle the lineup to make another one
•Ability to set a batting order.
•Final lineups converted to PDFs.
•Ability to email PDFs to yourself/others.
•Print out the lineup and batting order for the dugout.

By Play Ball Apps, LLC

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