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APPLE : ITUNE WEATHER APP : DeluxeWare – Rain Radar – Weather Forecast

Weather radar in your pocket everywhere.
Use Rain Radar to quickly see an animated radar image and current conditions.

Track the movement of downpours, weather fronts and storms using the zoomable rain radar function. “Rain Radar” forecasts for any location worldwide and displays real-time weather conditions as well as emerging patterns.
See the latest enhanced weather map, which includes areas of cloud cover, rainfall, snowfall, thunderstorms, lightning strikes, and temperatures.

Everything about the weather at a glance. Fast, simple and free of charge!
A weather forecast app that accurately depicts current weather and emerging patterns.

• Real-time zoomable rainfall and weather radar
• Weather radar for any location: cloud radar, thunderstorms, snow and temperature
• Highly accurate weather for any location worldwide
• Hourly weather forecasts
• 10 and 14-day forecasts
• Customizable precipitation details: probability, quantity, and duration
• Relative humidity and barometric pressure displays
• Wind strength, direction, and gusts
• Worldwide location finder

By DeluxeWare

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