Electrons To Enlightenment (To The Best of Our Knowledge Series)

This special To The Best of Our Knowledge series includes 5 programs:
Science vs. Religion

Are science and religion really separate realms? Why is there a dichotomy? What is religion’s role in the 21st century?

Guests include Richard Dawkins, biologist and atheist; Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project; Karen Armstrong, historian of religion.

The Cosmos

Is the universe designed for life? What are the religious implications of scientific theories?

Guests include Thebe Medupe, African cosmologist; Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist; Donald Gurnette, plasma astrophysicist at NASA on space sounds.

The Brain & Belief

Is religious experience really just brain chemistry? What’s happening in the brain during spiritual and mystical experiences?

Guests include Richard Davidson, leading neuroscientist on the science of meditation; Mingyur Rinpoche, Buddhist master and meditation teacher.

Debating Darwin

Can a Darwinian be a Christian? Can evolution and religion be reconciled?

Guests include E.O. Wilson, founder of sociobiology; Simon Conway Morris, Cambridge University paleontologist; Paul Nelson, critic of Darwinian evolution.

Awe and Wonder

Why does nature so often invoke feelings of the sacred? Can atheists be spiritual?

Guests include Ursula Goodenough, leading cell biologist; Nicholas Harberd, British botanist; Coleman Barks, translator of Islamic Sufi mystic/poet Rumi.

By Jim Fleming

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