Kano Fire Service Reports 95 Casualties and N324 Million in Property Damage Due to Fires and Accidents in 2023

The Kano State Fire Service has disclosed a grim toll for 2023, with 95 lives lost and property valued at N324 million destroyed due to a combination of fires and accidents. The agency responded to 520 incidents, rescuing 279 individuals. Challenges include delayed reporting of fires and difficulties accessing incident sites. The public is urged to cooperate, save emergency contact numbers, and use available fire extinguishers as a first response measure. With timely action and cooperation, lives and property can be safeguarded.

2023 Report: 95 Lives Lost and N324 Million in Property Damage.

In an exclusive interview, Sani Abdullahi Yusuf, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Kano State Fire Service (KSFS), revealed that between January and October 29, 2023, the agency responded to 520 fire incidents and various disasters. Tragically, 95 lives were lost, and an estimated N324,360,750 worth of property was consumed by the incidents.


Furthermore, the KSFS successfully rescued 279 individuals from road accidents and situations involving people falling into open water or wells. During this period, the agency also received 84 false alarms, which were calls made by individuals that turned out to be unnecessary.

Abdullahi emphasized the critical need for timely reporting during fire incidents, as many victims failed to alert the agency promptly. He stressed that immediate action can significantly mitigate damages caused by fires. He also pointed out challenges faced by the agency, particularly difficulties in accessing incident sites due to obstacles from other road users.

Abdullahi urged the public, especially motorists, to cooperate by allowing easy passage for fire service vehicles in emergency situations. He emphasized the importance of saving the agency's contact numbers on mobile devices, enabling swift responses to emergencies, thereby safeguarding lives and property.

Additionally, he recommended that, in the event of a fire, individuals should utilize available fire extinguishers as a first response measure. The agency's cellular numbers for emergencies are 081078878, 0705124683, 07026026400, and 08098922631.

By following these precautions and cooperating with the KSFS, the public can contribute to the prevention of unnecessary loss of life and property due to accidents and disasters.

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