'Kempes' Pledges Revival of Kenyan Football as Potential FKF President

Sammy "Kempes" Owino aims to reinvigorate Kenyan football as he campaigns for the FKF presidency, promising accountability, development, and support for women's football, while strengthening key relationships in the sport. His vision offers hope for positive change in Kenyan football.

Reviving Kenyan Football: 'Kempes' Promises Change

Former Kenyan international footballer Sammy "Kempes" Owino has thrown his hat into the ring as a presidential candidate for the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) in the upcoming elections, tentatively scheduled for February 2024. Owino, who had a distinguished career playing for Gor Mahia and representing the national team, Harambee Stars, during the late 70s and early 80s, has vowed to rejuvenate Kenya's football.

In his ambitious manifesto, Owino outlines key areas he intends to focus on to revitalize Kenyan football:

  1. Accountability: He stresses the need for transparency and accountability, aiming to restore trust in the football administration.
  2. Football Development: Owino pledges to establish robust football development structures, ensuring that players are groomed systematically from a young age.
  3. Women's Football: He commits to fully supporting and promoting women's football in Kenya, recognizing its potential and the need for gender equality within the sport.
  4. Stakeholder Relationships: Owino aims to foster strong relationships with the Ministry of Sports, schools, grassroots football organizers, CECAFA (Council for East and Central Africa Football Associations), and CAF (Confederation of African Football).
  5. Pipeline for Players: He emphasizes the importance of developing a player pipeline, reminiscent of the one implemented during the time of German coach Bernard Zgoll. This approach would help provide the national teams with more high-quality friendly games.

Owino's journey in football, originating from a disadvantaged background, highlights the transformative power of the sport. He received a scholarship to study abroad, which changed the trajectory of his life. With his background and extensive experience in running successful academies both locally and internationally, Owino feels compelled to address the current state of Kenyan football.

He acknowledges the challenges facing Kenyan football, attributing many of them to corruption within the leadership. He advocates for a more transparent and inclusive approach, stressing the importance of electing leaders who have a clear vision for the sport. Owino also questions the disparity in financial support between football and other sports, like the Safari Rally, pointing to the need for improved systems and accountability.

In addition to Owino, several other candidates have expressed their desire to run for the FKF presidency. These include former FKF president Sam Nyamweya, Extreme Sports boss Hussein Mohamed, Gor Mahia Secretary General Sam Ocholla, former FKF CEO Ludovick Aduda, Murang'a Seal chairman Robert Macharia, former footballer Harold Ndege, and businessman Twaha Mbarak.

Incumbent FKF President Nick Mwendwa will not be eligible to run for another term as he has served the maximum two terms allowed under the Sports Act of 2013. The upcoming FKF election promises to be a significant moment for Kenyan football, with candidates like Sammy Owino vying for the opportunity to shape the future of the sport in the country.

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