Maritime Workers Set to Initiate Indefinite Strike from October 30

Maritime workers in Nigeria are poised to launch an indefinite strike from October 30 due to stalled negotiations with shipping companies regarding minimum standard conditions of service.

Maritime Workers Announce Strike Resumption Over Stalled Negotiations

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has announced its decision to resume the previously suspended strike in the shipping sector of Nigeria's economy starting from October 30. Mr. Adewale Adeyanju, the President-General of the union, conveyed this decision through a statement issued by Mr. John Kennedy Ikemefuna, the Union's Head of Media. The decision to resume the strike is attributed to the apparent unwillingness of the shipping companies' representatives to engage in negotiations aimed at establishing a minimum standard condition of service for the sector.

Adeyanju explained that despite the establishment of a technical committee composed of union and shipping employers to address the Minimum Standard Condition of Service issue, several meetings held failed to resolve the ongoing dispute. Additionally, as a potential truce was on the horizon, the representatives of the shipping employers displayed a lackadaisical attitude during negotiations, indicating that they lacked the authority to make decisions. Consequently, this reluctance led to the collapse of the negotiation process.

The shipping branch of the MWUN plans to initiate the suspended indefinite strike across the country's port facilities following the expiration of a renewed seven-day ultimatum. In solidarity, the other three branches of the union, namely the Nigerian Ports Authority, dockworkers, and seafarers, will join their colleagues in the strike action.

This development reflects the ongoing labor dispute within the shipping sector, which has yet to reach a resolution. The MWUN's decision to resume the strike highlights the urgency of addressing the Minimum Standard Condition of Service issue and the need for meaningful negotiations with the shipping companies' representatives to prevent further disruptions in the maritime industry.

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