Moment Crayon was seen begging Davido for his multimillion naira wristwatch

Watch the amusing moment when emerging artist Crayon playfully teased superstar Davido, requesting his extravagant multimillion-naira wristwatch. This light-hearted exchange added a touch of humor to the event, showcasing the camaraderie and playful spirit in the Nigerian music industry.

Crayon's Humorous Request for Davido's Luxury Wristwatch

Crayon, a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, found himself in an unexpected and somewhat amusing situation at a recent event. The event was attended by several prominent artists, including the famous Davido, known for his extravagant tastes and collection of luxury items, particularly wristwatches.

As the event unfolded, a conversation between Crayon and Davido took a surprising turn. Crayon, who is not as established as Davido, happened to spot a particularly striking and undoubtedly expensive wristwatch on Davido's arm. The timepiece was a multimillion-naira masterpiece, gleaming with opulence.

In a moment of spontaneous jest and perhaps admiration, Crayon, with a light-hearted smile, made a playful remark about the watch. He couldn't resist the temptation to express his amazement at the lavish accessory. Davido, known for his charismatic and generous nature, responded with a good-natured laugh.

Crayon, however, took it a step further and made a whimsical request that left those present in stitches. He jokingly asked Davido if he could have the watch as a gift. The request was met with hearty laughter and good-natured banter from the other attendees.

Though it was all in jest, this humorous encounter between Crayon and Davido added a delightful and memorable moment to the event. It showcased the camaraderie and playful spirit often found among artists in the Nigerian music industry.

Davido's reaction to Crayon's playful plea was one of amusement and good-natured humor. The two artists shared a jovial moment at the event, with Davido giggling as they bantered and enjoyed themselves in the arena.

The video of this light-hearted exchange quickly caught the attention of netizens, sparking a flurry of reactions across social media. Some found the interaction highly amusing and couldn't help but join in on the fun. Others couldn't resist poking fun at Crayon's approach, suggesting that instead of focusing on the wristwatch, he could have utilized the opportunity to request a collaboration or feature from the influential artist.

Comments like "Imagine you met OBO (Davido) and the only thing you could do is whine him about his watch instead of asking for a feature" reflected the sentiment that Crayon's request, while in jest, was a unique opportunity to discuss a potential collaboration with a superstar.

Ultimately, Crayon did not walk away with Davido's multimillion-naira wristwatch, but he did leave with a memorable story and a lighthearted moment that he, Davido, and those present will likely remember and chuckle about for a long time.

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