Nigerian Nurse in the UK Loses Job for Offering Prayers to Ailing Patient

A Nigerian nurse employed in the UK faces job termination after offering prayers to a sick patient without their consent. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting patients' preferences and beliefs in healthcare.

Healthcare Professional's Job at Risk After Offering Prayers to UK Patient.

A nurse employed in the United Kingdom has been dismissed from her position after offering prayers for a critically ill patient without their consent. The nurse, responsible for caring for terminally ill patients, decided to conduct a prayer session, believing it would help the patient.


Following the impromptu prayer, hospital authorities summoned the nurse for questioning, ultimately terminating her employment. The patient, who had not requested the prayer, reported the incident to a family member, who then alerted the hospital administration.

Raks Eseku, a Nigerian mental health nurse working in the UK, shared this story as a cautionary tale and advised healthcare professionals not to impose their personal beliefs on patients, as it could lead to professional consequences. The identity of the dismissed nurse has not been disclosed.

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