Nollywood Star Mr. Ibu Receives Surgeries, Gears Up for International Treatment: Family Updates Health Progress

The family of iconic Nollywood figure Mr. Ibu has shared an update on his health, detailing his successful surgeries and plans for advanced international medical care. Grateful for public support, their statement conveys hope, requesting ongoing prayers and backing during this challenging phase.

Mr. Ibu’s Health Update: Successful Surgeries and International Care Plans Revealed by Family.

The family of veteran Nollywood icon John Okafor, known as Mr. Ibu, has issued a recent update on his health condition. They revealed that he has undergone a series of five successful surgeries and is presently in recovery within the Intensive Care Unit. Moreover, plans are in place to transport him abroad for additional medical care.

Through a statement shared on Ibu’s Instagram account on October 31, the family conveyed their heartfelt appreciation to both the public and to God for the overwhelming support, prayers, and encouragement received during this challenging period.

"We reached out to fellow Nigerians, and the response, particularly the timely and beneficial donations, has been immensely appreciated," the statement expressed.

The family expressed Mr. Ibu's deep gratitude and assured that, once he recuperates, he intends to personally acknowledge each donation. "During this critical phase, we are profoundly thankful for the public's support. We continue to rely on your prayers and unwavering assistance as we hope for his swift stabilization to facilitate his transfer abroad for further specialized treatment. The Okafor family extends heartfelt gratitude to the entire Nigerian community."

Their plea for ongoing prayers and steadfast support emphasizes their hope for Mr. Ibu's swift recovery and the subsequent medical assistance he requires abroad.

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