Northern Youth Leaders Criticize Negative Comments on Tinubu

Northern youth leaders express their disapproval of critical comments directed at Tinubu, emphasizing that religion should not be the sole basis for political appointments.

Youth Leaders Disapprove of Negative Remarks Against Tinubu.

Northern youth leaders have criticized religious leaders from across Nigeria for making negative comments about President Bola Ahmed Tinubu regarding his appointments and placements of political officeholders in his administration. In particular, these youth leaders, operating under the Northern Youth Leaders Forum (NYLF), which represents 42 northern youth groups, have urged religious leaders to refrain from using religion as a criterion for appointments in the country.


During a recent press conference in Abeokuta, Ogun State, the national president of the NYLF, Comrade Elliot Afiyo, appealed to all Nigerians, especially those religious leaders who have been critical of Tinubu's appointments, to avoid making disparaging comments against Tinubu and Nigeria. Afiyo emphasized that such comments could negatively influence the minds of northern youths, particularly those in rural areas, who make up a significant portion of the northern population.

"We strongly disapprove of the negative propaganda directed at President Tinubu's administration by certain religious leaders, especially in the northern region. While religion has unfortunately become intertwined with our way of life and thinking, it should not be the sole basis for appointments and placements, as some religious leaders are advocating," Afiyo stated.

He also questioned claims by some religious leaders that Abuja belongs to the North and argued that this assertion is unfounded, pointing out that when the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) was in Lagos, it had a Northern administrator. Afiyo challenged the notion that Abuja should exclusively have northern ministers, emphasizing that such claims are inconsistent with the electoral support the APC received in Abuja.

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