President Tinubu Appoints New Federal Civil Service Commission Leadership

President Bola Tinubu has announced the appointment of a new Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) leadership in adherence to the Nigerian constitution. The incoming 12-member team, led by former Federal Permanent Secretary Prof Tunji Olaopa, is set to assume office on November 30, 2023, succeeding the current FCSC administration whose tenure ends on November 29, 2023. This development aims to steer a transformation within the federal bureaucracy, aligning with the administration's Renewed Hope Agenda to bolster growth, encourage private sector participation, and drive digitalization. Pending confirmation by the Nigerian Senate, the diverse members represent specific regions, tasked with facilitating a more efficient and responsive federal system for Nigeria's economic development.

Transformation and Reorientation: New FCSC Leadership Takes Office.

President Bola Tinubu has sanctioned the appointment of Prof Tunji Olaopa, a former Federal Permanent Secretary, as the Chairman of the 12-member Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC). This decision aligns with the constitutional provision outlined in Section 154 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (As Amended), which grants the President the authority to appoint chairpersons and members to 14 federal executive bodies, including the FCSC.

As per the announcement made in Abuja by presidential spokesperson Ajuri Ngelale, the other 11 members nominated to serve in the FCSC are subject to confirmation by the Nigerian Senate. They comprise Dr. Daudu Ibrahim Jalo, Ms. Gekpe Grace Isu, Dr. Chamberlain Nwele, Mr. Rufus N. Godwins, Dr. Adamu Hussein, Mr. Aminu Nabegu, Ms. Hindatu Abdullahi, Mr. Shehu Aliyu, Ms. Odekunle Rukiyat Aduke, Mr. Jide Jimoh, and Dr. Festus Oyebade, each representing specific regions of Nigeria.

The incoming FCSC leadership, assuming office on November 30, 2023, will succeed the current chairman and members whose tenure concludes on November 29, 2023.

Tinubu appoints Tunji Olaopa as chairman Federal Civil Service Commission -  21st CENTURY CHRONICLE

President Tinubu expects the new FCSC administration to effectively steer the transformation, reorientation, and digitalization of the federal bureaucracy. The objective is to enable, rather than impede, growth and foster increased private sector engagement in Nigeria's economic development. This directive operates within the framework of the administration's Renewed Hope Agenda.

The President's vision entails a proactive approach towards enhancing the efficiency of the Nigerian bureaucracy, promoting growth, and encouraging private sector involvement in line with the national development agenda.

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