Presidential Goal: 10 Million Pupils Envisioned for School Feeding Initiative

The article highlights the Presidency's ambitious plan to reach out to 10 million pupils through the resuscitated School Feeding Programme. This initiative aims to provide nutritious meals to students in public schools, ensuring that no child is left behind. The program's expansion is seen as a crucial step towards enhancing education, alleviating hunger, and breaking the cycle of poverty. Dr. Yetunde Adeniji, Senior Special Assistant to the President on School Feeding, emphasized the transformative potential of the initiative, emphasizing its role in promoting equity, growth, and poverty reduction. The initiative reflects a commitment to building a brighter and more prosperous future for Nigeria's youth.

Presidential Commitment to Education and Nutrition.

The Presidency has announced that the National Homegrown School Feeding Programme, set to be revived, will extend its coverage to over 10 million pupils nationwide. This declaration was made in an official press release signed by Oyedokun Oyewumi from the office of the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the President on School Feeding.

During a visit to the Transitional Learning Center in Wassa, Abuja, which hosts Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), the SSA, Dr. Yetunde Adeniji, assured that the school feeding initiative would be all-encompassing, ensuring that no child in public schools is left behind.

Dr. Adeniji praised the programme at Wassa for its evident success in enhancing school enrollment and attendance rates, emphasizing its pivotal role in advancing education, alleviating hunger, and breaking the cycle of poverty.


Under the President's renewed hope agenda, the school feeding scheme is specifically focused on pupils in primary one to three across the country, reflecting the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to thrive and contribute to the nation's progress.

Dr. Adeniji lauded the efforts of the Maple Leaf Early Years Foundation, in collaboration with the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants, and Internally Displaced Persons, underscoring the critical role of education and nutrition in the holistic development of every child, regardless of their circumstances.

She affirmed that initiatives like this have the potential to bring about significant positive change in the lives of the most vulnerable members of society.

"President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's steadfast dedication to the nation's welfare is exemplified by the Renewed Hope agenda. Within this framework, a vision is cast for a Nigeria wherein every child enjoys access to quality education and nutritious sustenance, regardless of their background or geographical location. Dr. Adeniji articulated that by investing in the youth today, a brighter and more prosperous future is being forged for the nation," she stated.

Reiterating the objectives of the school feeding programme model, the SSA emphasized that the program aims to enhance resilience, promote equity, stimulate growth, and reduce poverty.

"The school feeding program stands as a transformative force in realizing the Renewed Hope vision. Beyond its immediate impact on addressing childhood nutrition, it serves as an incentive for families to prioritize education," Adeniji concluded.

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