Rally Against Cultism: Mafoluku Youths Unite to Quell Violence in Oshodi-Isolo

Mafoluku youths, distressed by escalating cult-related violence, orchestrated a significant rally to combat the pressing issue of cultism within their community. Backed by influential leaders, the initiative aims to enlighten, confront, and deter the destructive influence of these activities, emphasizing the imperative need to restore peace and security in Oshodi-Isolo.

Community Takes Stand: Mafoluku Youth Rally Targets Cultism and Violence.

Mafoluku Youths, deeply troubled by the rising incidents of cultism, violence, and the tragic loss of young lives within their community, took a proactive stance by organizing a peaceful rally to confront these pressing issues. Led by coordinator Ahmed Jisoro, the rally aimed to enlighten and caution the youth population of Mafoluku and the broader Oshodi-Isolo area about the perilous consequences of cultism and violence on their community.

Jisoro revealed distressing statistics, citing that between January and October 2023, more than 30 young individuals had fallen victim to cult-related violence. He emphasized the alarming transformation of Mafoluku from a once peaceful, close-knit community into an environment increasingly dominated by the activities of cultists.

In response to this escalating concern, influential community figures such as Alhaji Musiliu Akinsanya intervened, urging a unified effort to address the issue. Akinsanya, supported by the State chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, emphasized the critical need to halt cultism, violence, and their adverse impacts on the community.

Participants at the rally echoed the sentiment, calling for a collective stand against these destructive behaviors. They emphasized the importance of not just awareness but the enforcement of stringent measures to hold culprits accountable and prevent their recurrence.

Notably, concerns were raised regarding law enforcement, accusing them of insufficiently prosecuting arrested cultists, thereby perpetuating the cycle of violence. This dissatisfaction prompted the community to contemplate establishing a local vigilante group, complementing existing security measures to curb cult activities within the area.

The Chairman of the Oshodi-Isolo local government, Otunba Kehinde Almaroof Oloyede, expressed the administration's commitment to establish this vigilante group as an additional measure to reinforce security within the locality. This proposed group would be properly equipped and registered to collaborate with law enforcement in ensuring a safer environment for residents.

The collective sentiment resonating from the rally emphasized the urgent need to eradicate cultism, violence, and restore peace and security within Mafoluku and Oshodi-Isolo, reiterating that a peaceful and harmonious environment is essential for the prosperity of the community.

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