Rivers State Assembly Chaos Amid Governor's Impeachment

Tensions boiled over during an impeachment process against Governor Siminalayi Fubara at the Rivers State Assembly, resulting in pandemonium marked by gunshots, tear gas, and suspensions. The situation intensified following a prior explosion, culminating in a scene of disorder and escalating political conflict within the assembly complex.

Chaos Unleashed: Rivers State Assembly's Impeachment Session Turns Violent.

Amid the commencement of an impeachment process against Governor Siminalayi Fubara, chaos erupted in the Rivers State House of Assembly Complex on Monday. Gunshots and tear gas filled the air as 23 lawmakers, led by Speaker Martin Amaewhule, convened to initiate the proceedings. In a bold move, they also suspended House leader Edison Ehie and several colleagues suspected of being loyal to the governor.

Tensions had previously escalated when an explosion engulfed the assembly complex the night before, causing significant damage to the chamber. Following the tumultuous session, lawmakers were observed leaving the Assembly around 8:15 am, accompanied by a substantial security detail.

The situation quickly spiraled into a scene of panic and disorder as gunshots and tear gas disrupted the peace, prompting people to flee in disarray. Law enforcement officers pursued individuals, creating a chaotic situation where even workers situated in the vicinity scrambled to escape.

The political upheaval within the Assembly escalated into a dramatic and alarming series of events, reflecting the intensity and volatility of the situation at hand.

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