Security Forces Thwart Terrorist Attack in Kano, Seize Weapons, and Detain 2 Suspects

Security forces successfully prevent a terrorist attack in Kano, leading to the seizure of weapons and the arrest of two suspects. This operation highlights the ongoing efforts to maintain security in the region.

Troops Prevent Terrorist Assault in Kano, Apprehend 2 and Confiscate Arms.

Joint Nigerian Army and DSS forces successfully thwarted a potential insurgent attack in Kano State and apprehended two suspected Boko Haram terrorists in an early morning raid on November 3, 2023. The operation aimed to uncover and capture individuals believed to be planning a major attack in Kano State.


 As a result of this operation, the troops apprehended two suspects and recovered a substantial cache of weapons and materials, including AK-47 rifles, magazines, a Rocket Propelled Gun (RPG), RPG bombs, hand grenades, desert camouflage uniforms, magazine pouches, and materials for making Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

The collaboration between the Nigerian Army and other security agencies in this operation underscores their joint commitment to combat insurgency and security challenges. This successful operation reaffirms the Nigerian Army's dedication to safeguarding the lives and property of citizens. 

The Nigerian Army encourages the public to remain vigilant and collaborate by providing timely and credible information to support ongoing efforts to enhance security in the country.

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