Senate Chief Whip Ali Ndume Eases Tensions with Senate President Akpabio, Stresses Unity

Senator Ali Ndume addresses a perceived rift with Senate President Godswill Akpabio, advocating for unity and emphasizing their shared interests despite occasional disagreements. The discussion aims to diffuse tensions that arose from a previous altercation, promoting a harmonious Senate environment based on mutual respect and common goals.

Ndume Addresses Reported Rift with Akpabio, Advocates for Senate Unity.

Senator Ali Ndume recently addressed the perceived conflict with Senate President Godswill Akpabio, seeking to diminish its significance. During an appearance on Arise TV's Morning Show, Ndume emphasized his seniority over Akpabio and his capability to offer guidance on Senate matters due to his experience. He highlighted his pivotal role as the Director-General of Akpabio's campaign, positioning himself as the primary supporter in Akpabio's quest for Senate Presidency.

Expressing the belief that disagreements should not escalate into confrontations, Ndume stressed the amicable nature of their relationship. He underscored the shared interests between himself and Akpabio, asserting their capacity to find common ground despite occasional differences.

This statement follows an incident in October where Akpabio and Ndume engaged in a heated verbal altercation during a Senate session, prompting Ndume to leave the chamber. However, Ndume's recent remarks aim to diffuse the tension, portraying the rift as a disagreement that should not escalate to a point of contention. He emphasized mutual respect and common goals as the foundation of their professional association, despite occasional discord.

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