Senator Shehu Sani Compares Nigerian Political Godfathers to Italian Mafia: Insights Revealed

Former Senator Shehu Sani drew attention to striking parallels between Nigerian political godfathers and the Italian mafia, highlighting their non-meritocratic methods and authoritarian control. His insights shed light on the troubling similarities between these power structures, exposing the lack of merit in the selection of political successors and the dominance of loyalty over competence in both systems.

Insights by Senator Shehu Sani: Nigerian Political Godfathers and Mafia Parallels Unveiled.

Former federal lawmaker and human rights advocate, Senator Shehu Sani, drew parallels between Nigerian political godfathers and the notorious Italian mafia, highlighting their imposition of office-holders against the popular will. Sani, a one-time Kaduna Central Senator, expressed his views on the issue via his X account (formerly Twitter).

He emphasized that the practice of Nigerian political godfathers selecting successors isn't rooted in competence but in loyalty, not to the state but to those in power. This, in his perspective, establishes a cult-like relationship centered on capturing the state, wielding absolute political control, mutual protection, and exploiting state resources.

Sani warned that discord often arises when the subordinate, driven by conscience, changing circumstances, or overpowering influence, decides to challenge the unjust agreement between the patron and protege. He pointed out the striking similarities between Nigerian political godfathers and their counterparts in the Italian mafia, stressing the underlying nature of their relationships and methods.

In essence, Sani's critique underscores the authoritarian and non-meritocratic nature of the relationship between political patrons and their chosen successors in Nigeria, drawing alarming parallels to the clandestine operations of the Italian mafia.

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