Seun Kuti Exposes AY: Unveiling Feud and Alleged Insensitivity Amid Mansion Fire Mockery

Seun Kuti confronts comedian AY over the mockery following the fire that razed AY's mansion, unveiling a deeper feud rooted in alleged insensitivity. Kuti defends his actions by pointing out AY's past use of Kuti's personal struggles and family as comedic material, sparking a publicized confrontation between the two entertainment figures.

Seun Kuti Calls Out AY for Mocking Mansion Fire and Alleged Insensitivity.

Grammy-nominated afrobeat artist Seun Kuti recently explained his controversial mocking of comedian Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, following the destructive fire that consumed AY's pricey mansion in Lagos. Kuti defended his actions by highlighting AY's past insensitivity, citing instances where AY joked about Kuti's altercations with law enforcement and even depicted Kuti's daughter in an unfavorable light, referring to her as a "dog."

During an Instagram live session with fans, Kuti addressed the issue, emphasizing that while AY faced his house burning, Kuti went live. Kuti accused AY of using his personal struggles and challenges as material for his comedy, stating that AY had stooped low by portraying Kuti's daughter in a derogatory manner in a comedy skit. Kuti expressed his disdain for AY, labeling him as "unfunny" and a "dry goat with smelly mouth," even alleging that AY's breath was foul, a fact known to many within the entertainment industry.

Kuti continued his critique, referencing AY's history of domestic violence, claiming that AY's actions at home would lead to a lack of respect from women, including his own children. Kuti's revelation aimed to shed light on what he deemed as AY's hypocrisy and insensitivity towards others' hardships while exploiting them for comedic content.

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