Tems Reveals Harrowing Experience in Ugandan Prison

Grammy-winning Nigerian artist Tems shares her distressing ordeal in a Ugandan prison following a concert mishap that led to her and Omah Lay's detention. In an interview, she unveils the alleged setup, asserting innocence regarding COVID-19 rule breaches, and recounts the anxiety and uncertainty she experienced during the two-night imprisonment. Tems reflects on the possibility of her incarceration having a larger purpose while detailing the unsettling events that transpired during her unexpected stay in custody.

Tems' Ordeal: Unveiling the Unsettling Uganda Incident

Grammy-awarded Nigerian songstress Temilade Openiyi, famously known as Tems, recently shared the distressing account of her time in a Ugandan prison. She and Omah Lay encountered legal trouble following their participation in a concert at Speke Resort in Kampala, Uganda, on December 12th, seemingly infringing upon COVID-19 social distancing protocols.

In a recent interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105.1 FM in New York, Tems adamantly asserted their innocence, claiming the entire incident was a contrivance. The Oscar-nominated artist expressed the anxiety and uncertainty she endured during her detention, where the prospect of not being released loomed over her, causing her to gradually adapt to the unforeseen circumstances.

Tems clarified, stating, "We did not breach the [COVID-19] regulations. It was essentially a setup. We performed in Uganda; I had a scheduled show there. It was during the COVID period, but the country had eased restrictions by then. They had recently held a public gathering. People were out and about. There was no lockdown; it was in the aftermath."

She delved further into the concert organizers' claims of having the necessary permits and how the situation escalated. The fallout resulted in their two-night detention, which left her grappling with uncertainty and fear. Tems mulled over the possibility of her incarceration serving a specific purpose, perhaps to aid those imprisoned, as she grappled with her unexpected predicament.

Describing the sequence of events, she recounted, "The organizers claimed they possessed the permit, they showed us the permit. Everything seemed fine. But then, there was this particular individual—unclear of his role—threatening Nigerian artists against participating. Following the concert, the police arrived, not in uniform, knocking on my hotel room door. While my manager agreed to go with them, they returned to fetch me. It was perplexing; I wondered who had summoned them. Later, I discovered there was some peculiar... It was terrifying. I spent two nights in jail, doubting my release. I pondered whether this experience was meant for me to assist those in prison. It was bewildering; I had started settling in, as I adapt quickly."

Tems' narrative reflects her tumultuous experience and her contemplation on the larger purpose behind her unexpected and disconcerting time in custody.

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