US Gives Nod to $957.4 Million Missile Sale to the UK

The US Department of State has approved a $957.4 million foreign military sale, providing Joint Air-to-Ground Missiles (JAGM) to the UK. This significant deal strengthens the UK's defense capabilities, demonstrating the strong alliance between the two nations.

Enhancing Defense Capabilities and Strengthening Alliances

The United States Department of State has given its nod to a foreign military sale involving Joint Air-to-Ground Missiles (JAGM) to the United Kingdom, with an approximate value of $957.4 million (£785 million). This sale includes a substantial quantity of AGM-179A missiles along with support components, significantly enhancing the UK's defense capabilities and underscoring the strong alliance between the two nations.

The proposed sale encompasses the transfer of three thousand Joint Air-to-Ground Missiles, specifically the AGM-179A variants, along with dummy missiles, technical support, publications, integration assistance, and various logistical and program support elements. Despite the substantial price tag, the benefits for both the United States and the United Kingdom are of great significance.

At its core, this foreign military sale aligns with the foreign policy objectives and national security goals of the United States, showcasing a dedication to reinforcing the security of a NATO ally. The United Kingdom, a contributor to European political stability, will receive these Joint Air-to-Ground Missiles to augment its defense capabilities.

The acquisition of JAGMs is anticipated to bolster the United Kingdom's ability to address present and future threats, strengthening homeland defense and acting as a deterrent to regional challenges. This sale underscores the importance of the transatlantic partnership between the United Kingdom and the United States, emphasizing cooperation and strategic coordination between the two nations.


The United States represented a substantial share of the United Kingdom's import market between 2017 and 2021, accounting for 76.8% with a value of $2.6 billion. Given the close alliance between the UK and the US, this significant import market share is not surprising.

Lockheed Martin Corporation, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, serves as the prime contractor for this sale. In collaboration with Aerojet and General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Lockheed Martin submitted a proposal for the US Army's Joint Air-to-Ground Missile program, which was awarded in the fourth quarter of 2011. The JAGM aimed to replace aging air-to-surface missiles for the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.

This approved sale underscores the mutual commitment to strengthening national security and upholding the enduring alliance between the United States and the United Kingdom.

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