Victor Osimhen's Leave from Napoli Amidst Family Dispute and Transfer Deal Controversy

Napoli's Victor Osimhen has taken an unexpected break due to a family matter entangled in a transfer deal controversy. The star player's absence is linked to allegations made by his brother-in-law regarding a 2020 transfer, causing disruption to his return to the Italian club. Conflicting reports regarding his comeback further complicate the situation.

Osimhen's Napoli Break: Family Feud Interrupts Star's Return, Allegations Surface.

Napoli's Victor Osimhen, a prominent player for the Super Eagles, has recently taken a break from the club, which has been linked to President Aurelio De Laurentiis. His departure has been attributed to a disclosed reason related to a familial matter.

While recuperating from an injury sustained in Nigeria’s match against Mozambique, queries emerged about Osimhen's departure from Naples. Initially citing "personal issues" for his absence, recent reports from Italy have unveiled the actual cause behind his leave.

It has been revealed that Osimhen journeyed back to Nigeria to address concerns involving his brother-in-law, Osita Okolo. Allegedly, Okolo, a member of the team that facilitated Osimhen's transition from LOSC Lille to Napoli in 2020, has accused the footballer of having his sister arrested rather than compensating him for his role in the transfer deal.

The brother-in-law is seeking remuneration for his involvement in Osimhen's transfer. This predicament has presented a complex situation for the player, leading him to take time off from Napoli to confront the issue while concentrating on his recovery.

Local reports indicate Osimhen's potential return to Napoli by Friday. However, conflicting information from Italy suggests a delayed return due to his enlistment of a physiotherapist to hasten his rehabilitation.

The hiatus, prompted by family matters and allegations, has disrupted Osimhen's return to the club, underscoring the intricate situation and the focus on resolving the conflict while ensuring his physical recuperation.

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