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A Journey from Zero to the Hottest Thing on Earth

A Journey from Zero to the Hottest Thing on Earth

So, I’ve already been just about everywhere – a black hole, the depths of the Earth’s core, the Mariana Trench! But today’s journey is especially dangerous…and unusual. I wanna test my capsule by going all the way from the coldest temperature on our planet to the absolute hottest!

Usually, all atoms vibrate, move around, interact, and do their daily work of making up you, me, and everything else in the universe. They create energy and heat from all that bouncing around. Absolute zero is the temperature at which atoms stop moving…completely! So, naturally, things get really cold – 0°Kelvin. That’s -459.67°F!

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Can absolute zero be reached on Earth? 1:26
Who can survive under layers of solid ice? 2:25
When oxygen melts into a liquid 3:16
The coldest air temperature on Earth 3:59
The coldest habitable place on our planet 4:16
Where the Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales meet 5:00
The lowest human body temperature ever recorded 5:56
The highest air temperature on Earth 6:51
The most heat-tolerant animals on Earth 7:06
The brake pads on a Formula 1 racecar reach a temperature of… 9:04
The heat of a volcanic eruption 9:47
The hottest of the hot 10:18

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– A moss piglet or water bear, this microscopic animal might look cute, but they’re pretty much indestructible! They can survive under layers of solid ice, in stone walls, and even in outer space!
– Now that we’ve passed -458°, helium can maintain its gaseous state (a.k.a. it melts into a liquid at that temperature).
– -361°F – gonna need to be extremely careful now because I’m moving through the temperature when oxygen melts into a liquid!
– Now my equipment is showing -128°F. Ah, I see, it’s the world record for the coldest air temperature recorded at ground level!
– The coldest habitable place on our planet is the village of Oymyakon in Russia! On January 26, 1926, the temperature dropped to a staggering -96°F!
– Going further, and I see the temperature is 55.4°F. It’s a shocking number because it refers to the lowest human body temperature ever recorded.
– My next stop is even hotter than that, at 115°F. That’s the highest human body temperature ever recorded.
– Moving out of the “human body range” I’ve arrived at the 159.3°F mark, which is the highest surface temperature ever recorded on Earth.
– Just a couple of seconds later, and my capsule is traveling through a temperature of 257°F. That’s when any Intel CPU processor automatically shuts down.
– The brake pads on a Formula 1 racecar can reach a truly terrifying temperature of 1,380°F!
– The next temperature stop is 1,900°F, and it measures the heat of a volcanic eruption. Well, the lava spewing out of it, to be precise.
– The hottest temperature on Earth was actually human-made! It was created in 2012 by scientists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. Inside the collider, lead ions were smashed into each other going 99% of the speed of light.
– The resulting plasma that formed had an absolutely mind-blowing temperature of 9.9 trillion °F! That’s 250,000 times hotter than the center of the Sun!

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