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Don’t Leave Water Near Your Bed While Sleeping

Don't Leave Water Near Your Bed While Sleeping

You’ve heard it for as long as you can remember: “Drink lots of water!” So, to make it easier on yourself, you keep a glass right by your bed to drink from in the evening and morning. But, uh-oh, looks like that could be a big mistake! Wanna know why it’s bad?

Well, first of all, it’s unsanitary. It could be dust, debris, or even a fly or mosquito that makes its way into your nightly source of hydration. And in your zombified half-asleep state, you won’t even notice that thing floating in there when you take a gulp in the morning! And what can present a real threat is bacteria! Sitting water can become a breeding ground for germs! But these are not all reasons.

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Open to invaders 0:23
It’s a breeding ground 1:00
A big “healthy” glass of…acid?! 1:44
A funky taste… 2:40
It could disrupt your sleep 3:09
The dangers of the container 3:43
But BPA-free bottles aren’t the end-all solution 4:07
A potential fire hazard?! 4:35
? It’s also good to decide on… ? 5:03
? What water does for your body (when you get the right amount) ? 6:45

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– Each time you take a sip, you leave a little backwash in the glass. Well, your mouth is full of bacteria, and if they sit in that glass all night, they have all the time in the world to multiply.
– Water that’s exposed to air will go through some chemical changes. When you leave it out and open overnight, carbon dioxide makes its way into the glass.
– With a glassful of water right next to you, you might be tempted to grab it anytime in the night. Of course, if you’ve got liquid going in, then it’s going to need to come out.
– If you have tap water in that glass, the chlorine added into it for disinfection will evaporate overnight.
– If it just so happens that you keep your bedside water not in a glass but in some plastic bottle or cup, it could contain the chemical bisphenol-A or another similar substance used in plastics.
– Finding a BPA-free bottle for your bedside water does eliminate the issue of plastic chemicals…but not the bacteria.
– If you happen to swing your arm out or push your pillow into that glass, causing it to spill, all the electronics nearby can spark out.
– Just have a fresh glass in the evening, and do it at least 2 hours before bed. That way, it won’t disrupt your sleep.
– Warm water leads to improved blood circulation. Then again, German scientists found that drinking cold water can raise your metabolism.
– Dehydration becomes life-threatening if you lose more than 10% of your body water. And don’t forget, 60% of your body is water!
– If you go beyond the amount of hydration your body needs, you risk getting water intoxication, which can also be life-threatening!
– Without you knowing it and with almost no effort except drinking water, your intake will cleanse your body of unwanted toxins.
– That detoxification process through water will also clean your skin.
– Water helps wash away leftover food particles and bacteria in your mouth.
– A 2014 study found that drinking water affects your mood. When those with low intake increased their water consumption, the increase in positive emotion and calmness was evident.
– Research shows that dehydration may lead to impaired thinking and reasoning.
– You ever heard that your body needs fiber to maintain healthy digestion and regularity? Again, without water, that won’t do you much good.
– If there’s one system that’s going to benefit a lot from drinking plenty of water, it’s got to be your kidneys and urinary tract.

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