Three Brothers of the Woods | Short Animated Cartoon - NUMBERONE

Three Brothers of the Woods | Short Animated Cartoon

Three Brothers of the Woods | Short Animated Cartoon

Long ago, in a faraway land, there was a village. The village was peculiar for its tradition: all of its inhabitants were named after their main qualities that showed up in childhood and stayed with them for the rest of their lives.

Thus, there lived Kindness the Woodsman, who never passed when someone needed help. There was Generosity the Cook, who fed all the hungry and poor, both human and animal. And in that village lived a man and his wife – their names were Honor and Tenderness. One day, Tenderness gave birth to three boys with radiant chestnut curls. They did not have names at first, of course: they were to receive them when the time came. For the time being, everyone called them One, Two, and Three. And this story’s about them.

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Fear, Greed, and Hollow 0:41
What Honor and Tenderness decided to do 2:41
No chance to escape… 4:14
Strange things happening in the deeper woods 5:48
How Fear, Greed, and Hollow came back home 6:41

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– Four years passed, and the boys’ characters started coming to light. But the traits they’d shown were not virtues. Honor and Tenderness felt uneasy, but decided it was all their young age.
– Number Three was very Fearful but afraid to show it, so he liked to scare others. He was given the name Fear.
– Number Two liked helping people but never did anything for free. He felt that any good deed done demanded payment. His name became Greed.
– Number One was neither cruel, nor kind, neither greedy, nor generous. His parents sighed sorrowfully and named their son Hollow.
– One day Tenderness woke her sons gently and told them to get dressed and pack a few things, while discreetly putting some food into their bags.
– Tenderness led her sons along the woodsmen’s path, lantern in hand. On the edge of the woods, she stopped, turned around, and sternly told her sons to follow her and never make an extra turn, or else they’d get lost.
– Finally, they ended up on a forest glade, and that was when the moon rose in the sky, pouring its silvery light everywhere. Mother was nowhere to be found.
– They came back to the same spot they’d left hours ago. That was when they realized they’d been left for good with no chance to escape.
– Twelve years passed. Within that time, Tenderness and Honor became parents of three daughters. They still sometimes lamented their lost boys, but they so loved and cherished their girls: Mischief, Justice, and Wisdom.
– But then, strange things began happening in the deeper woods.
– When the good people of the village could bear it no more, they finally came to Honor and Tenderness for advice.
– Then their three daughters suddenly stood up and said, “We’ll go into the woods!” The parents tried to stop them, but the girls quickly took everything they needed, kissed Mother and Father goodbye, promised to be back soon, and left.
– Just as they entered the woods, the sisters heard the roar and scraping. Fear came out of the woods. He roared and swung the harpoon in his hand, but Mischief laughed once more, leapt, and began tickling him!
– He fell upon the ground and started roaring in laughter with her.
– Soon, things started disappearing from them. Justice simply took off all the jewelry she had left, took out a purse with five coins inside it, and, smiling, put it all on the ground.
– Greed ’s eyes filled with embarrassment, and then…tears. He gave the jewelry back to the sisters at once.
– The eldest sister approached the eldest brother, sat at the table opposite him, and they talked.
– Three days and three nights they talked. The more the brother strained to make his sister’s heart sink, the more heart she garnered.
– At last, he couldn’t take it any longer! He shot up, overturned the table, and shouted at Wisdom.
– “See? You’re also not as Hollow as you thought you were.” Hollow stood transfixed, looked at his trembling hands and at Wisdom , and then took her palm in his. And thus they walked, brother and sister, hand in hand to their home.

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