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What Each Noise You Hear on a Plane Means

What Each Noise You Hear on a Plane Means

So…you’ve just taken your seat on board your airliner, and your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing, and you just can’t shake your anxiety. That’s okay – a ton of people are nervous flyers! You’ll probably be paying extra close attention to every sensation and sound during your flight. Don’t panic: there are lots of sounds that are completely normal on an airplane!

For example, 10 minutes before take-off you’ll hear a soft pound from under the plane, and a drill-like sound. This is just the crew closing and securing the cargo hold. Creaks, rattles, and whooshes are also all completely normal sounds that every airplane makes in the air. Don’t let them scare you; such a large aircraft is bound to creak, and the rattles are things moving and sliding around.

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A little countdown to lift-off: ✈️ 0:26
– Two dings 0:30
– A single ding 1:00
– A drill-like sound 1:33

In the air: ? 3:24
– Two loud beeps 3:34
– One loud ding 3:55
– Creaks, rattles, and whooshes 4:19
– Turbulence 4:52
– You hear “All call” over the intercom 5:37

Time for your landing: ? 6:48
– Two dings 10 minutes before you land 6:53
– A high-pitched whirring sound 7:13
– A bump and deep thunk 7:40

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– About 20 minutes before you take off, you’ll hear two high-pitched dings in a row over the intercom system. This only means that one crew member wants to talk to another, just to get into preparation mode for the flight.
– 15 minutes before your plane takes off, you’ll hear a single ding. This is a call from the cockpit to the flight attendants to pick up the phone.
– 10 minutes before take-off: you’ll hear a soft pound from under the plane, and a drill-like sound. This is just the crew closing and securing the cargo hold.
– Love it or hate it, there’s nothing quite like feeling your plane leave the ground! You’ll hear the sound of the plane’s wheels going back up into its belly.
– 5 minutes after take-off two loud beeps will go off. This is the pilot telling the flight attendants that the plane has reached a certain altitude.
– If there’s a lot of turbulence, the pilot may send a ding over the intercom system, warning flight attendants that it might get a little bumpy.
– When the plane has reached a certain cruising altitude and you’ve been flying for a while, it’s safe to take your seatbelt off and move around!
– Just like there were two dings when you reached a certain height after take-off, the two dings will ring again when you’ve reached that same level on your descent.
– A bump and deep thunk 2 minutes before landing mean the airplane’s landing gear is coming out, which includes the wheels and anything else in the plane’s undercarriage that helps it land.
– The wheels will touch down on the runway, and you may feel and hear some bumps or thuds.
– Bumps during a landing are totally normal, even expected. You’ll cruise along the runway for a while, so that you can slow down.

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