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What Was the Earth Climate Like Before

What Was the Earth Climate Like Before

Our lovely climate – from tropical to polar, arid to damp, and all that “just-right” temperate in between. It comes in all flavors, and it’s been constantly changing since the very birth of our planet Earth… So, guys, if you’re brave enough, I wanna take you on a journey to the past to find out what was the Earth climate like before!

So far, all I know is that everything was completely different in the old days. For example, 4.5 billion years ago it was super hot and molten all over. You could see the entire oceans of magma everywhere. And it took almost a billion years for our planet to take its solid form…

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Oceans of magma 0:17
Why is it so hard to breathe? 0:56
The Huronian glaciation 1:56
Dinosaurs! 2:42
Global warming 3:29
Aaand… the Ice Age! 4:33
What’s happening in Africa 6:33
What about America? 6:54
Vesuvius explodes 7:12
The Little Ice Age 8:46

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– It did just that 3.8 billion years ago! The rain came from those clouds over there, the first ones in the history of Earth. They form because the planet eventually began to cool down, allowing water to go from a gas to liquid state!
– Around 2.5 billion years ago, the Huronian glaciation starts. As oxygen fills the atmosphere and replaces methane, it can’t trap heat as well.
– 2 billion years ago, the ozone layer starts to form. It not only protects the planet from the sun’s harmful radiation, it also warms this planet up a bit!
– About 200 million years ago, dinosaurs appear, and they’ll rule the planet for the next 175 million years.
– From 100 to 65 million years ago, the planet goes through so many changes. The single landmass is breaking apart into the continents we have today.
– 55 million years ago, something similar to today’s global warming trend takes place.
– For the next 2 million years, life on Earth is like a rollercoaster with temperatures going up into a hothouse and down into ice age.
– Ah, made it to the Ice Age that started 2.5 million years ago. The average temperature is about 12 degrees colder than it is today.
– Now, the Holocene is the name of the current geological epoch. It started 11,700 years ago. What’s that dripping on my head? Oh yeah, ice sheets in North America and Europe start melting at this time.
– Between 7,500 and 3,500 BCE, the latest African Humid Period ends. What was recently a lush oasis in the Sahara now becomes the arid desert we know today.
– I wonder what’s going on in America at this point? In 3,000 BCE, the western part of the present U.S. is going through some big changes.
– It doesn’t get any warmer in the Iron Age Cold Epoch lasting from 900 to 300 BCE. Hey, they called it “cold” for a reason!
– In the year 535, another volcanic eruption, this time in the tropics, causes another crazy temperature drop.
– The Little Ice Age starts somewhere around 1300 and goes on till 1850. It’s called “little” because it isn’t exactly as extreme as the previous ones. But, still, some intervals of it are pretty tough!
– A lot of things happen in the world since 1850. But in climate history, it’s all been pretty stable so far. But I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s going on the warmer end.

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