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Why You Can’t Wear Your Contact Lenses to the Shower

Why You Can't Wear Your Contact Lenses to the Shower

Ah, contact lenses… Without them, all you see is a bunch of blurry figures and shapes. You can’t go without them, so you’d gladly never take your contacts out. Yes, they’re a real life-saver, but there are places and situations when you’d better go contact-free!

For example, even seemingly clear ocean, lake, or river water is swimming in microorganisms that are really dangerous for your eyes. In fact, bacteria find it easier to stick to your contacts than they do directly to your eyeballs. Once they grab on, they start to multiply and grow stronger. This is really bad for your eyes and can even lead to… blindness.

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In the shower, hot tub, and swimming pool 0:22
– What happened to one 41-year-old UK woman ? 1:06
At the gym ? 2:48
When you sleep 4:04
? Things you should never do if you’re a lens-wearer ? 6:10

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– The cornea is the curved transparent layer that forms the front of the eye. Besides providing protection, it’s also key for vision since it bends and focuses the light that enters the eye.
– The disease starts with pain in the eyes and blurred vision. If you do nothing about it, it can even lead to blindness!
– Although the condition is quite rare and affects only 1 out of 250,000 people, it’s still not a risk worth taking.
– If there’s no way for you to avoid showering with your contacts in, at least try to keep your eyes closed as much as you can.
– Before taking a dive in the pool, remember that you also have a second reason to take those contacts out – chlorine in the water can seriously damage them.
– When you’re getting in a good workout, sweat is always there to prove it. It gets on your back, your hands, the machine you’re using, and, most dangerously, your eyes.
– When you’re done with your workout and head to the shower, you have two equally undesirable options: either shower with your contacts in or take them out in the locker room.
– Even if you’re diligent about washing your hands, the odds that those fingers of yours are covered in bacteria as you rub your eyes at the end of a long work or school day, are pretty high.
– A 2012 study showed that people who sleep in their contact lenses even less than once a week have a 6.5 times higher risk of getting keratitis than people who take their contacts out for the night.
– Bacteria growth aside, that thin piece of plastic covering your eye all night also impedes the flow of oxygen.
– Contact lens solution is a great disinfectant when used wisely.
– Bacteria enjoy moisture, so one sure way to prevent their feast is to deprive them of that. Leaving the case to air out during the day will help.
– You’re putting on eye makeup and a tiny bit of it accidentally gets onto your contact. In case that happens, immediately wash your hands.
– Your eyes don’t start itching and get red for no reason. If they feel dry, you have an infection, or are having an allergic reaction, remove your contacts immediately to prevent more damage.
– If you rub your eyes with contacts in, you have an increased risk of developing keratoconus.
– Your contacts don’t like water, and they don’t prefer the heat either. If you just take them out for the night, don’t leave the case where the sun will shine directly on it the next morning.

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