Yesterday, breaking news emerged indicating that the Bukola Saraki Foundation had covered Mr. John Okafor's medical expenses.

Recent updates on funding for Mr. John Okafor's medical expenses, including revelations from VeryDarkman regarding the Bukola Saraki Foundation's involvement

Recent Developments Regarding Funding of Mr. John Okafor's Medical Expenses


VeryDarkman, a popular social commentator, debunks reports that Bukola Saraki paid Mr Ibu’s medical bills after visiting the hospital where Mr Ibu was admitted.

It will be remembered that rumors spread that the Bukola Saraki Foundation funded Mr. John Okafor’s medical expenditures.

However, in a recent development, VeryDarkman has revealed that this is not totally true.

According to VeryDarkman, the old hospital where he was treated was cleared of health charges.

However, he is being treated in another hospital, where his condition is currently worse, and physicians are working hard to stabilize him so that he may be transported out for adequate medical care.

VeryDarkman stated that he could see with his own eyes that Mr Ibu’s condition was not a joke, as his legs were deteriorating.

He has asked his followers to donate whatever they can spare to help save the actor’s life

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