Zulum Inaugurates Restored Monday Market, Extends Two-Year Rent Relief to 8,000 Traders

Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, inaugurates the refurbished Monday Market and offers a two-year rent waiver to 8,000 traders affected by the fire.

Borno Governor Zulum's Initiative Benefits Market Traders

Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum, demonstrated his commitment to the welfare of traders in Maiduguri by commissioning the rebuilt Maiduguri Monday market, which had been ravaged by a devastating fire on February 26, 2023. The Governor's actions aimed not only to restore this vital marketplace but also to alleviate the financial burden borne by approximately 8,000 traders who had suffered significant losses in the fire.

Governor Zulum announced that these traders, who rented shops and paid rent to the State Government through the market authority, would be exempt from rent payments for the next two years as a compassionate response to their hardships resulting from the destructive fire.

The rebuilt market underwent a comprehensive redesign and expansion process that rendered it more organized and accessible. The refurbishment featured wider walkways, designated zones for various product categories, and essential facilities, all contributing to a shopper-friendly environment that would enhance business activities.


Back in February, Governor Zulum had allocated N2 billion to a committee tasked with overseeing activities related to the market's reconstruction. Additionally, N1 billion was provided as a palliative measure to support the fire disaster victims.

During the commissioning event, the Governor announced an additional N800 million in assistance to 2,825 traders who could not be allocated shops following the market's remodelling. These traders had previously operated in temporary structures or unauthorized stalls. Governor Zulum explained that the remodelling was undertaken due to congestion issues that contributed to the severity of the fire incident.

Furthermore, the Governor pledged that these 2,825 traders would be allocated shops at a new market location to be established in Maiduguri, ensuring that they can resume their businesses with improved facilities and security.

The reconstruction of the Maiduguri Monday market and the Governor's generous support reflect a dedication to revitalizing economic activity in the region and assisting traders in their recovery efforts after the devastating fire incident.

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