Asake's 'Lonely At The Top' Makes History with 100 Million Audiomack Streams

Asake's musical feat with "Lonely At The Top" from his album 'Work Of Art' has rewritten history, securing 100 million streams on Audiomack and dominating music charts in Nigeria. The song's global resonance and captivating music video released in August reflect Asake's rising influence in the music industry.

Asake's Hit Track 'Lonely At The Top' Hits 100 Million Streams on Audiomack.

Celebrated Nigerian artist, Asake, has marked a significant achievement with his track 'Lonely At The Top,' becoming the inaugural song to surpass 100 million streams on the widely-used global streaming platform, Audiomack. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the song's resonance among audiences worldwide.

The track, featured in his second album 'Work Of Art,' debuted earlier this year and swiftly emerged as a standout piece, eventually clinching the title of the most streamed song on Audiomack. Notably, 'Lonely At The Top' dominated the music charts in Nigeria, reigning atop Turntable for several consecutive weeks.

In addition to its streaming success, the song's music video, released in August, has captivated audiences, amassing an impressive 21 million views on YouTube. Asake's compelling vocals and the song's thematic depth have not only made it a favorite within the Nigerian music industry but have also garnered international recognition.

This milestone on Audiomack solidifies Asake's position as a rising star in the music scene, reaffirming the impact of his artistry and the resounding popularity of 'Lonely At The Top' on a global scale.

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