Judicial Integrity in Question: Obi Challenges Supreme Court Ruling on Election Dismissal

Former Vice Presidential candidate Peter Obi voices discontent over the Supreme Court's dismissal of his election petition, alleging breaches and a shift of moral responsibility to society. This challenges the court's integrity and raises concerns echoed by Atiku Abubakar regarding the precedence set by the judgment in the Nigerian judiciary.

Obi Challenges Supreme Court's Election Verdict, Alleges Judicial Breach.

Former Vice Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, expressed grave concerns during a press conference in Abuja on Monday, November 6. His remarks came after the Supreme Court dismissed his petition contesting the victory of Tinubu on Thursday, October 26. Obi vehemently criticized the apex court's decision, alleging it contradicted substantial evidence of election rigging, technical issues, and non-compliance with INEC rules.

He emphasized that the judgment imposed a significant moral burden on society, shifting the responsibility from the courtroom to the broader national conscience. Obi highlighted the weight of the accusations, particularly concerning breaches of the Constitution in terms of candidate qualifications for presidential elections. He argued that the ruling not only undermined the trust of the Nigerian people in the judiciary but also burdened the nation's democracy.

Asserting his disagreement with the rulings of both the Presidential Petitions Court and the Supreme Court, Obi, alongside his vice presidential candidate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, expressed their discontent. While acknowledging the exhaustion of their legal options, they saw this as the commencement of their pursuit for a better country.

Obi criticized the judiciary for allegedly disregarding constitutional principles and legal precedents, prioritizing political expediency over judicial responsibility. He lamented the mechanical application of technicalities over the pursuit of justice, asserting that both INEC and the Supreme Court altered the rules mid-game, shifting the goalposts.

This critique by Obi followed a similar sentiment expressed by the People's Democratic Party’s candidate, Atiku Abubakar, who accused the Supreme Court of legitimizing illegality, forgery, and identity theft. Abubakar expressed his concern that the judgment essentially signaled that winning elections through any means, including illegality, could be rewarded.

In closing, Obi and Abubakar’s concerns underscore a growing worry about the integrity of the judicial system and its potential implications for Nigeria's future, echoing a call for upholding the rule of law and the principles of justice.

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