Kogi State and UNICEF Collaborate for Health Sector Reinvention

Kogi State, in collaboration with UNICEF, undertakes a pivotal review of its health sector's operational plan, intending to overhaul the existing framework for a more effective and outcome-driven strategy. Dr. Usman Zakari, the Health Commissioner, underscores the importance of meticulous planning and strategic implementation, emphasizing the need for a restructured approach to enhance healthcare services and combat negative indicators in the region.

Kogi State and UNICEF Overhaul Health Sector Strategy.

The Kogi State government, in collaboration with UNICEF, has orchestrated a comprehensive revision of the 2023 Annual Operational Plan (AOP) for the state's Ministry of Health. The primary objective of this initiative is to revitalize the health sector, aiming to generate favorable outcomes and transform the prevailing negative statistics by the year 2024.

Dr. Usman Zakari, the Commissioner of Health, emphasized the paramount significance of this exercise during an interaction with journalists in Abuja, asserting, "If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." He highlighted the ongoing efforts as a process involving the evaluation of the previous AOP and the formulation of a new, more refined strategy. This review intends to assess the implementation status of prior objectives, subsequently paving the way for a restructured approach in the future.

The Commissioner elucidated the crucial role of these plans in achieving targets, indicating the possibility of either meeting or missing objectives without accurate planning. Stressing the need for a well-structured plan, he pointed out the importance of deliberate and resolute actions to realize and strategize the outlined objectives.

To ensure undivided attention and minimize distractions, the majority of the Ministry of Health's staff were relocated to Abuja, marking a significant reduction in routine activities. This move was aimed at collectively contributing to the development of this pivotal document, which will provide a strategic roadmap for future endeavors.

Dr. Zakari delineated the key components encompassed within the plan, which includes resource allocation, both human and financial, as well as critical health indicators such as maternal and under-5 mortality rates. By convening the team away from the usual office setting, the intent is to facilitate an environment conducive to focused and concerted efforts in creating a comprehensive roadmap for progress.

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