Bauchi Emir's Market Visit: Appeals to Traders on Soaring Commodity Prices

The Emir of Bauchi visits local markets, extending an appeal to traders regarding the increasing prices of essential goods, demonstrating leadership qualities and fostering community cooperation.

Emir's Visit and Appeal to Traders in Local Markets.

Traders in Bauchi State, particularly those dealing in foodstuffs, have received a heartfelt appeal to consider the economic hardships faced by the less fortunate in the country and refrain from making their lives more challenging.

Dr. Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu, the Emir of Bauchi and Chairman of the Bauchi State Council of Traditional Rulers, made this plea during his visit to various markets in Bauchi metropolis to assess the pricing of essential commodities.


Emir Rilwanu Adamu acknowledged the difficult economic circumstances that have made it tough for the less privileged to afford basic food items for their families. He urged traders to accept modest profits and keep the prices reasonable, emphasizing that excessive profit margins, particularly on essential food items, are contrary to ethical values.

The monarch expressed his gratitude for the traders' dedication in bringing goods to the market, recognizing the challenges they face, including rising transportation costs due to the removal of fuel subsidies. He advised them to explore ways to ensure that prices remain accessible to the common man without incurring losses.

In the meat-selling section of the market, the Emir encouraged meat vendors to adhere to rigorous hygiene standards to guarantee the availability of healthy meat for consumption and reduce the risk of diseases associated with meat consumption.

Some of the traders lauded the Emir for his proactive visit to assess the market conditions in person, considering it a demonstration of effective leadership qualities. They assured the Emir that, despite the challenging economic situation, they would maintain fair pricing to ensure that the less fortunate can easily afford the items with minimal stress.

The traders also pledged to remain law-abiding and loyal subjects of the Emirate, welcoming his royal assessment visits in the future.

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