Tragedy Strikes Canadian Embassy: 2 Feared Dead, 1 Critically Injured in Devastating Fire

A devastating fire at the Canadian Embassy in Abuja results in two feared fatalities and one critically injured, underscoring a tragic incident that unfolded during generator maintenance.

Fire Tragedy Strikes Canadian Embassy in Abuja.

A tragic incident unfolded at the Embassy of Canada in Abuja on Monday, with at least two individuals feared dead and one critically injured as a fire engulfed a portion of the embassy.

Eyewitnesses recounted that the fire erupted while the embassy's power generating plant was undergoing repairs, resulting in a devastating blaze. The fire claimed the lives of two individuals, with one person sustaining critical injuries, while another managed to escape through the roof of the power house. These victims were reportedly part of the technical crew responsible for the generator's maintenance, and the sudden explosion from the generating set is said to have ejected the deceased individuals from the powerhouse.


As the inferno raged, embassy staff sought refuge outside the premises, with some gathering under trees and in other secure locations within the building's enclosure. Firefighting trucks promptly arrived to combat the flames, and an ambulance was dispatched to evacuate those affected.

Amiola Adebayo, the Head of Operations at the FCT Fire Service, confirmed the incident and stated that some victims had been rushed to the hospital. However, the cause of the fire and the nationality of the affected individuals were not disclosed by Adebayo.

As of the time of this report, the Embassy had not issued an official statement concerning the incident.

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