Debt Dispute Unveiled: Davido Counters Dammy Krane's Royalty Claims, Reveals Unpaid Dues

The news delves into a public dispute between music artists Davido and Dammy Krane, with Davido responding to Krane's claims of unpaid royalties by revealing his own alleged unpaid dues. Davido counterclaims that Dammy Krane owes him for verses, production contributions, and even accommodation during a time of need. The unfolding saga uncovers a contentious financial dispute within the music industry.

Davido Responds to Dammy Krane's Allegations, Exposes Unpaid Debts and Royalties.

David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has finally responded to the claims made by his colleague, Dammy Krane, regarding an alleged debt for royalties owed for a song the latter wrote for Davido, the OBO crooner.

In a recent reaction to Dammy Krane's accusations, Davido, using his X handle on Friday, countered by stating that Dammy Krane hadn't settled a debt for three verses he contributed to Dammy Krane's songs, specifically 'In Case Of Incasity', 'Gbetiti', and 'Izzue'. Davido highlighted his current verse fee at $150,000, summing up Dammy Krane's supposed debt to $450,000 for the trio of features.

Furthermore, Davido claimed that Dammy Krane neglected payments for Davido's production contribution to Krane's track 'Pooner'. The OBO crooner also revealed that Dammy Krane had not reimbursed him for shelter and meals during a time when Krane was without a home in Atlanta, alleging that Dammy Krane had stayed in his residence.

Addressing Dammy Krane's tweet where Krane boasted about initiating the tag 'On the beat is Davido,' Davido disputed the claim, asserting that he was never compensated for that phrase, nor for the three verses he offered, stating that they contributed to Dammy Krane's "dead career." Davido concluded by referencing his verse fee to emphasize the alleged unpaid dues.

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