Deputy Speaker Kalu Denies Involvement in Alleged Defamatory Campaign Against Onyejiocha

Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu refutes involvement in alleged defamation campaign against Minister Nkiriuka Onyejiocha and emphasizes their harmonious relationship.

Kalu's Disassociation from Defamation Campaign

In a recent development, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Kalu, has strongly distanced himself from any involvement in what is described as a calumny campaign against the Minister of State for Labour and Employment, Nkiriuka Onyejiocha. Kalu, in a statement released by his Chief Press Secretary, Levinus Nwabughiogu, expressed his profound concern over the situation and emphasized his harmonious and cordial relationship with the Minister, whom he referred to as both a former lawmaker and his sister.

The controversy arose following a press conference conducted by Usman Shuaibu, who claimed to be the national coordinator of the Progressive League of APC Youth Voters. During the press conference, Shuaibu made allegations of a concerted campaign of calumny against Minister Onyejiocha, suggesting that Deputy Speaker Kalu was behind these activities.

Kalu, however, has unequivocally disassociated himself from any such campaign and has expressed his disappointment that Minister Onyejiocha has not publicly disavowed the press conference. He believes that her silence on this matter casts unwarranted doubt on her character and intentions, particularly given that she is a government minister and a public figure.

The statement released by Kalu's office clarifies that there is no basis for political strife between Kalu and Onyejiocha. The two come from different political constituencies and have no direct political affiliation that would lead to a feud. Kalu's primary focus lies in driving a paradigm shift in political leadership, particularly concerning the youth of the nation. Furthermore, the statement underscores the distinct roles of Kalu and Onyejiocha, with one serving in the legislative branch and the other in the executive, making any conflict unlikely.


Kalu's commitment to supporting Onyejiocha is evident through his actions, as he actively sought the support of Abia APC leaders for her, even before she assumed her ministerial role. He also attended her inauguration ceremony, demonstrating his goodwill and solidarity. The statement expresses bewilderment at the motives behind the press conference and the resulting tensions, particularly considering the recent legal victory secured by Kalu at the Court of Appeal.

The statement conveys the sentiment that Minister Onyejiocha should direct her efforts toward contributing to the resolution of the various challenges currently facing the nation, particularly in the context of job creation for the youth. It highlights the importance of leaders setting a positive example for the younger generation and refraining from engaging in needless conflicts.

Deputy Speaker Benjamin Kalu has forcefully distanced himself from any allegations of a calumny campaign against Minister Nkiriuka Onyejiocha. He remains steadfast in his commitment to national responsibilities and endeavors to contribute to the betterment of the country while resisting distractions and unfounded allegations.

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