Museveni Asserts Independence on Electoral Matters in Address to West

President Museveni defends Uganda's election processes and reaffirms his stance on same-sex relationships in a speech addressing Western interference.

President Museveni's Firm Stance on Western Critique

President Museveni reiterated his frustration with European nations whom he accused of meddling in Uganda's internal affairs, particularly in matters related to elections and same-sex relationships. Speaking at the fourth Youth Business Forum and Expo at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds, he expressed his views on these topics and emphasized the need for Ugandan youth to focus on key human needs as opportunities for development.

Museveni criticized European interference in Uganda's electoral processes, asserting that they often tried to educate him on conducting elections. He stated, "These Europeans, they come to me and want to educate me on how to conduct elections. I know how to handle elections; it's me who should teach them." He analogized their actions to someone visiting another person's house and dictating how it should be organized.

The European Union (EU) and the United States, in April 2021, called for an independent investigation into the presidential election in which Museveni secured his sixth term, defeating his main rival, Robert Kyagulanyi. The polls were marred by allegations of human rights abuses.

President Museveni also addressed the issue of same-sex relationships, asserting that foreign entities had urged him to accept homosexuality. However, he made it clear that he would not be swayed, saying, "They were asking me to leave the homosexuals. I know how to handle these homosexuals. You people should leave me alone." Museveni had recently signed into law the Anti-homosexual Act of 2023, criminalizing homosexuality, which garnered international reactions, including the World Bank Group's decision to halt development projects in Uganda.


To steer Uganda away from what he termed unnecessary diversions that could hinder the country's progress, Museveni encouraged the youth to focus on addressing fundamental human needs like food, clothing, shelter, and security and turn them into opportunities.

The President pledged to hold discussions with leaders to explore ways for youth to access funds from the Uganda Development Bank. This commitment was in response to concerns raised by Phionah Nyamutoro, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum on Youth Affairs, who highlighted the difficulties faced by the youth in obtaining financial support.

President Museveni's remarks at the Youth Business Forum touched upon matters of foreign intervention in domestic affairs, issues related to human rights and same-sex relationships, and his call for the youth to harness key human needs as avenues for growth and development. His commitment to facilitating youth access to funds reflects an intention to empower the younger generation for a more prosperous future in Uganda.

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