Diplomatic Relations Between Nigeria and China Prove Beneficial, States Speaker Abbas

Speaker Abbas Tajudeen highlights the mutually beneficial diplomatic relations between China and Nigeria during a visit by the Chinese delegation

Fostering Strong Bilateral Relations

The Speaker of Nigeria's House of Representatives, Abbas Tajudeen, emphasized the mutually beneficial nature of the long-standing diplomatic ties between Nigeria and China. During a courtesy visit by the Chinese delegation led by Ambassador Cui Jianchun, Speaker Abbas expressed his appreciation for China's significant contributions to Nigeria's socioeconomic development.

Speaker Abbas welcomed the delegation to the People's House, highlighting the parallel with the People's Parliament in China. He commended China for its dedication to Nigeria's infrastructure development and stressed the importance of fostering a robust parliamentary relationship between the two countries.

"As always, the Nigerian Parliament is eager to work with your country. Since Nigeria and China established a diplomatic relationship several decades ago, we have not had any issues with China," Speaker Abbas stated. "I believe you brought so much to Nigeria as a result of this bilateral relationship, and you can only strengthen the partnership that will be a win-win for both countries. So far, the China-Nigeria relationship has been a positive one."

The Chinese Ambassador affirmed his country's parliament's readiness to continue collaborating with Nigeria in technology and economy. He highlighted key areas of development in which China has actively participated in Nigeria over the last six years, encompassing road and hydro-electric power infrastructure, rail transportation, technology, and security. The Ambassador also extended an invitation to Speaker Abbas to visit the Chinese Parliament in the coming year, promoting mutual learning in lawmaking and cultural collaboration.

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