Governor Soludo Declares War on Touts: Launches Special Squad to Restore Order in Anambra

In a bold move to eliminate the problem of touts in Anambra State, Governor Chukwuma Soludo has introduced the Anambra Special Anti-Touting Squad. During the launch event in Onitsha, the governor declared war on touts, vowing to restore law and order in the state. This proactive step is part of his commitment to fulfill a key promise of rejuvenating Anambra and its 'Light of the Nation' reputation. The governor also called on citizens to actively report touting activities and emphasized the importance of market chairmen in maintaining order. With the collaboration of the Nigerian Armed Forces and a mission to rehabilitate and integrate troubled youth, Anambra State is on a determined path to reclaim its place as a thriving commercial hub.

Anambra Special Anti-Touting Squad Launched by Governor Soludo.


Anambra State Governor, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, has launched the Anambra Special Anti-Touting Squad in a determined effort to eradicate the menace of touts within the state. In a ceremony held at Upper-Iweka, Onitsha on Monday, Governor Soludo issued a stern warning, proclaiming that the days of touting in Anambra were numbered, as the state has now declared an all-out war against this disruptive practice.

Addressing the audience, Soludo emphasized the challenge of confronting lawlessness, which has ingrained itself into the culture of the state. He stressed the significance of reinstating law and order and commended the members of the newly formed squad for their dedication and willingness to serve. The governor urged them to carry out their duties with unwavering commitment, passion, and diligence while adhering to established standards and a prescribed code of conduct.

Furthermore, Soludo revealed that the anti-touting squad would collaborate closely with the Nigerian Armed Forces, who bear the primary responsibility for maintaining security within the state. The launch of this squad represents a substantial stride toward fulfilling a key promise to restore Anambra State to its former glory as the 'Light of the Nation,' particularly in the greater Onitsha area.

Governor Soludo acknowledged the successful liberation of eight local government areas, which were previously under siege, thanks to the collective efforts of security agencies and vigilante services. He also urged citizens to actively participate in the campaign of "if you see something, say something" and promised to provide dedicated phone numbers for reporting touting activities.

Expressing his determination to combat lawlessness and restore order, Soludo cautioned all market chairmen that markets still plagued by touts would face disbandment, and chairmen would be removed from office. The governor underscored the importance of personal responsibility for market chairmen in maintaining order.

Soludo also extended an olive branch to disenchanted youth, inviting them to return from their hideouts and offering support for their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. He asserted that the battle against touts in Onitsha and across the state was a pivotal step toward reviving a society governed by law and order.

Governor Soludo declared that touting had disrupted the flow of customers from across the nation to Anambra and vowed to restore Onitsha's status as a thriving commercial hub, symbolizing the renaissance of Anambra State as a whole. The launch of the Anambra Special Anti-Touting Squad marks the beginning of a new era in the state, with positive changes anticipated by December. Soludo, flanked by key government officials and armed forces representatives, affirmed his commitment to securing a brighter, more orderly future for Anambra.

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